That's Very Punny

Recently I joined a Facebook group dedicated to nothing but puns, both poetic and not, and it's been nothing short of a delight! It's an open group so you should probably be able to read most of the posts without joining, but be ready to laugh because some of them are hilarious. THIS is the group the world needs right now! 

Black Poets To Follow

National Poetry Month is over, but if you are looking for some more great poets to follow you have to check out these 9 black poets.  There are excerpts of each poet on the page, alongside themes of each artist's work, just to give you a bit of a taste of each poet's work. Each artist's Twitter handle is also featured. 

Writing Impossible Poems

Writing exercises have always been great fun for me. Not only do they strengthen your writing, but they challenge you in a fun way that you can't get anywhere else. I miss the days when my old writing communities would issue word challenges or word banks for stories, and while I know that other communities still exist, it's still sad when the ones you belong to fizzle out or an admin quits and the group just falls apart.

Displaying Your Poems

Whether you're giving it as a gift or simply hanging it for the world to see (in your living room), your poetry deserves to be displayed in an attractive manner. The question is in what manner should you do it? A lot of it depends on your own personal preferences. You might want to just print it on cardstock and hang it, or mat it with layers or even a frame for a more beautiful look.

Teaching Poetry

We've become way too dependent on on specialists and experts in our culture. Look, if you have a brain tumor, you need a specialist, but to learn poetry? That's something anyone who enjoys poetry (or even hates it!) can teach. You can even use guides like this book, Teaching Poetry: Yes You Can! You don't even have to do that, though. Just collect some great poems and start talking about them.


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