Epic Poetry

Right now, my middle schooler is working on memorizing Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky," and they already want to change some of the lines to work better with the adaptation of Through the Looking Glass where Alice is the hero rather than this guy's son. While it made me laugh, it also made me think of other monumental poems that we've studied over the years.

Be Glad Your Nose is On Your Face

We just checked out a book of silly poems as a family and many are just delightful. The collection, written by Jack Prelutsky with illustrations by Brandon Dorman, is called Be Glad Your Nose is On Your Face and other poems. It's filled with fanciful creatures, from frogs who take on human characteristics to the dragons and ogres you'd expect from a Prelutsky book, and features over 100 verses about everything from elephants to tigers, witches to dinosaurs and everything in between.

Weather Rhymes

When Ben Hascomb told Beverly Marsh that her hair was like winter fire and his heart burned there, too, whose heart didn't melt? We're talking about Stephen King's It here, but it does seem like fall and winter poetry speaks so much more clearly than spring and summer poetry. No, it's not Naruda's cherry blossoms, but maybe that's because there's so much death and coldness in the fall and winter that the poetry warms us up in ways that we don't necessarily need in the spring and summer months.

Living Dead Lit

It's all-Halloween all the time right now in my house, which includes poetry! My daughter is on a "classic horror" streak this year, so in addition to the Halloween books we're diving into, we're checking out some Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe and Christina Rossetti. This means reading by candlelight, holding skeletons while reciting Shakespeare and yes, lots of (fake) ravens. Yes, it's the BEST.

30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is well underway and we've been writing little poems every day. The Academy of American Poets has a wonderful list of ways to celebrate National Poetry Month available if you're looking for fun ways to participate in the event! Did you know that they have a free poster they'll send you if you request it by the middle of the month? Don't wait any longer than that, though, or else you will miss out!

Weirdest Poems Ever

Have you ever read any classical or romantic poetry and thought, "What on EARTH were they thinking?" Just because your English teacher loved it doesn't mean that your class poetry assignments were sensible or even sane. Some of them are so rambling and chaotic that they seem to have been crafted in a drunken rage--which, to be fair, some may have been.


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