Poem Generators

The Internet makes it easy to be both lazy and creative, giving us access to more information and more auto-generating programs than ever. This can lead to some really fun hybrid poems for those interested in using them. From word clouds to generic generators, there are lots of ways to do this. Some of them, like this poem generator, even let you select which type of poem you'd like to create, such as a sonnet, haiku or free verse poem. You can even choose some themes, like love poems. 

Give The Gift Of Poetry

Every few days, I have a note to celebrate National Poetry Month in a new way in my planner. Today's note says, "Give someone a poem." This is a fun prompt, but which poem to share, and with whom should I share it? Part of me wants to copy a favorite poem out by hand, which would look really pretty, or even just a favorite stanza (maybe "Goblin Market") and decorate it. Then again, it would be rather meaningful to write a whole new poem to share with someone, too.

Healing Through Poetry

When I was 12 years old, my paternal grandmother died of cancer. It was the first death in my life that, while not unexpected, really shook me to my core, instilling a heavy sense of loss and grief. I remember writing so many poems, one of which was read at her funeral, and feeling more connected to her, as if my words could somehow reach her that way since I could no longer speak to her.


It's the middle of National Poetry Writing Month! How is your writing faring? Are you writing a poem every day? Which new styles of poetry have you tried? Share your most challenging pieces, prompts and results in the chat!

It's not too late to get involved, either. Just start writing today! You can also read a poem each day if you prefer that to writing. If so, share your favorite poems in the chat.

2018 Poetry Goals

As 2018 speedily soars our way, poet lovers and poets are making plans for a year of celebrating poetry. Whether it's reading or writing, what do you hope to accomplish this year? If it's reading, perhaps you would like to try reading a new poet, or reading all of the works by your favorite. Maybe you'll buy all books of poetry as gifts for the year!

Christmas Poetry

Christmas is only a few days away and Winter Solstice is tomorrow! It's time to get into the holiday spirit and really enjoy the season together. One way to do this is--you guessed it!--through poetry! Some of the most famous and well-loved poems, like "Twas the Night Before Christmas," are already holiday staples for many people, with beloved copies being lovingly recited year after year. Some may even do so from memory!


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