LGBTQ Poets To Check Out During Pride Month

For many people, Pride month is all about celebrating who you are, whether that means in private or with friends, at a celebration or by protesting and commemorating the 50 years since Stonewall. It also includes celebrating and learning about more LGBTQ people in history, authors and other important figures. One way that we can do that is to explore different collections of poetry by LGBTQ authors, of course! 

Child's Introduction to Poetry

Whether you're a teacher looking for a great way to introduce poetry to your students, a parent who wants to do the same or a doting loved one looking for a great gift for a child in your life, A Child's Introduction to Poetry is a wonderful idea! Not only does this wonderful collection contain a bit of everything, from the silly to the serious, the haiku to the ballad, but it also comes with a fun CD that makes it even more interactive for the senses.


It's the middle of National Poetry Writing Month! How is your writing faring? Are you writing a poem every day? Which new styles of poetry have you tried? Share your most challenging pieces, prompts and results in the chat!

It's not too late to get involved, either. Just start writing today! You can also read a poem each day if you prefer that to writing. If so, share your favorite poems in the chat.

Daily Ways to Celebrate Poetry Month

If celebrating National Poetry Month ever turns into simply writing a poem a day (or even just reading one) and it seems a little dull to you, there are so many other cool ways to celebrate. From writing to a poet to carrying a poem in your pocket, Brave Writer has a bunch of great ideas. Homeschool Life Mag suggests different ways to write poetry, like creating a blackout poem.

World Poetry Day

Are you taking part in World Poetry Day? Whether you are writing, reading or sharing poetry online, feel free to share what you've got here at Poetry Talk in the chat. If you're using the hashtag #WorldPoetryDay on Twitter, you can see lots of cool poems that people are sharing. I've already watched a couple of cool slam poets and am inspired to do something similar with my class soon!


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