No Islam in Rumi's Poetry?

As a white woman unpacking a lot of mistakes, wrong thoughts and assumptions carried over througout my life, there's still a lifetime of learning ahead of me, and I'm okay with that. I'm trying to be a better, more aware person every day while I raise a daughter in this world who has both her own privilege and patriarchal misogyny to deal with. So while this story is an older one, I just ran across it tonight and it was another one of those wide eye-opening ones.

Mahvash Sabet Survived Through Poetry

 Mahvash Sabet is well-known for her poetry from the walls of her prison, where she was imprisoned for a decade for simply living her religion. She was interrogated and tortured just for being Baha'i. Sabet says that the one thing that really kept her alive during those ten years was the ability to write.

Sabet would sneak her writing on napkins for her visiting loved ones to take out into the world and share. She has been since named the 2017 International Writer of Courage.

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