Poems for Lizzo

Plenty of Lizzo's fans are loving her little twerk (I say little because it was literally seconds long) at the Lakers game this week and Amanda Stein showed her appreciation in a poem on Twitter that has to be shared. In her poem, Stein points out that the nudity that we're accustomed to seeing on a daily basis is generated for the male gaze and not for women to enjoy nor women representing themselves.

Bonnie & Clyde's Poetry

Reading the letters and poems that historical couples have written to one another can be quite revealing. I remember reading some of the smutty letters that the "literary geniuses" that our English teachers assigned us to read later in college and realizing just how human they really were. Did anyone else have that startling realization after idolizing teachers, writers and other "professionals" their whole lives?

Detained For Poetry

In 2019, you might think that no one would be jailed for speaking the words of their heart anymore, but that's the reality that many artists continue to face even to this day. In Somaliland, a poet with dual British citizenship has been detained simply for poems that he's written that are critical about human rights concerns in Somaliland. Police officers accosted him while he was eating lunch after he'd recited a poem and now he's being held. 

Poetry Slam Scholarships

Youth who are into slam poetry can get rewarded for their talents and interests. At Power Poetry, youth can submit their poems and earn scholarship money or just share their words with the world. Some of their open slams feature topical events that impact youth in the world today, from racism to human trafficking, while others (that mention a scholarship in their titles) provide opportunity to further youth knowledge and education. 

World Poetry Day

Are you taking part in World Poetry Day? Whether you are writing, reading or sharing poetry online, feel free to share what you've got here at Poetry Talk in the chat. If you're using the hashtag #WorldPoetryDay on Twitter, you can see lots of cool poems that people are sharing. I've already watched a couple of cool slam poets and am inspired to do something similar with my class soon!


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