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Are you a poetry lover with some ink to share? Have you been spending your summer penning odes to everything from the season to your crush? If you'd like a little feedback and place to share your poetry, share your poems in the chat box so we can comment on each other's works. 

Not writing poetry but want to? Try some of these great prompts to get you started. Or try this fun exercise: look around you and choose 10 items that you can see. Write a three-line poem (it doesn't have to be haiku!) about each item. It is a great way to write a bunch of quick poems and you usually get at least one or two "good" ones out of the mix.

What do you do when you can't think of something to write? Share your tips and poems below!


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Sandra il volo

somewhere there's someone that's your heart's with , somewhere there's someone that you're still dreaming of him , your hand are writing messages your , your heart is flying your eyes're shining just for him , just for him !sun came again !a new day began ..your beautiful clear eyes are gonna be closed , your hands are gonna fall down the phone your waiting you're awake just for him just for him's strange love steals your heart without warning you , no waiting for it suddenly comes love suddenly comes for you love is strang love is strange your hands are writing messages , your heart is flying , your eyes are shinig just because if it because of it love is strange love is strange steals you
whoever is you lover you will find a way to be with him !


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