Advice From Amanda C. Gorman

First Youth Poet Laureate Of America

Amanda C. Gorman, the first Youth Poet Laureate of America, knows a thing or two about starting a project and following through with it. Using a Harry Potter metaphor in an interview with TED-Ed, she says that ideas are like wands and that they choose their own bearers. This means that like many writers, Gorman experiences dry periods as well as times in her life that are filled with endless ideas. She does say that reading other poets' works helps provide inspiration at times.

Poetry, according to Gorman, is both inspiration as well as perspiration, requiring lots of discipline in order to stay focused, learn new skills and really develop the craft. She also shares a few very personal tips, like the types of music that she listens to and what she writes with (spoiler alert, it's any kind of pen!) in the interview. It's a great piece to share with poet friends, especially youth, who want to learn more about writing poetry.

What tips did you take from Gorman's interview? 


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