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The Atlantic has been showcasing different authors and their favorite passages found in literature, highlighting many different points of view and moving, and even funny, pieces we can all enjoy. Jami Attenberg not only shared a poem with the series, but a poem about how important isolation can be when it comes to writing.

Cuban poet Dulce María Loynaz is known for many one-lined poems and Attenberg cites her as one of her inspirations. I love how the focus on being your own best companion points out how everyone really needs to be their own source of inspiration, even your own best friend--and the remarks about distinguishing between isolation and loneliness are so important, especially in a time when many seem to have forgotten how to be content in isolation. Between the business of life and social media, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm one such person who used to love my own company best. It's addictive, to be sure. Check out these brief poems translated by Attenberg and see if they resonate with you.

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