Button Poetry

A new YouTube trend

Button Poetry is an organization that spreads poetry around to make it more accessible, particularly while using videos, audio files and even chapbooks. They have a blog, a store and lots of ways to promote both poets and poetry, and one of the things that has made them so successful in sharing poetry is simply YouTube.

You might have heard and even shared poetry slams and spoken word events from YouTube. From the famous "Shrinking Woman" performance to "Slip of the Tongue" to "Pretty," there are so many powerful performances that prove that poetry is still very much alive and needed today as it has ever been, and that it truly reaches people on a deep level, connecting them to people and issues in ways other forms of art might not do. Button Poetry has a YouTube channel and features different performances to help highlight these artists and the messages they have to share.

What is your favorite poetry performance? Share it in the chat.

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