Celebrating Spring Poems

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How is your National Poetry Writing Month going? I have to confess that 10 days in, I still haven't written a poem! Between illness, a surgery and catch-up at work, I haven't had a lot of time, but I do plan to catch up this weekend. If you have a poem you're proud of or want feedback on, please do share it in the chat!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share some fun spring poems for those celebrating National Poetry Month without the writing component. Poetry is for everyone, whether you enjoy writing or not! And my goodness, if spring is anything it's nature's poetry, isn't it? Between the pink magnolia trees blooming and the quilts of dandelions scattered alongside everything from my front yard to the side of the highway, there's inspiration everywhere you look, even if the ragweed has you down! 

Have you enjoyed any poems in particular this past week? Share any of the spring poems or other poems you've liked in the chat.

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