Creating A Poetry Unit

Teach poetry to the young people in your life... or yourself!

As a homeschooler and an ed major, I know a thing or two about creating a unit of subject material, and sometimes it's one of the most fun things you'll do. I love to organize and plan things out, and with a subject like poetry, the possibilities really are endless. If you're wanting to teach poetry, or even create a unit to learn about it yourself, there are several ways to go about it.

Books are an obvious choice. You can research books not only about poetry, important poets, history and poems themselves, but also about writing poetry and different techniques. Honestly there's so much more information online that you might find more across the Internet, but a few books are nice to have at hand, too, especially if you have time to kill and want to read. You can also try websites like AllPoetry, which isn't focused on old, classic poets, but new writing. You can find poetry contests to enter and even write your own on the site, as well as read and review thousands of poems. 

Youtube is obviously a great source for poetry studies, and oftentimes listening to a poem is even more powerful than simply reading one. Reading poetry aloud is a must if you are reading from a book or text, but listening to it really gives it more dimension. You can even check out CDs or look up videos of some favorite celebs reading it.

How do you go about studying poetry? Share your tactics in the chat.

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