Detained For Poetry

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In 2019, you might think that no one would be jailed for speaking the words of their heart anymore, but that's the reality that many artists continue to face even to this day. In Somaliland, a poet with dual British citizenship has been detained simply for poems that he's written that are critical about human rights concerns in Somaliland. Police officers accosted him while he was eating lunch after he'd recited a poem and now he's being held. 

Amnesty International is asking for everyone to share Abdirahman Abees' story and to circulate it widely in hopes of putting international pressure toward the poet's release. Please use the talking points in the link to help educate, spread the word and contact the Somaliland government to ask for his release.

Have you heard of any other poets being detained for their words recently? Share any action alerts you have for their freedom here.

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