Displaying Your Poems

How do you do it?

Whether you're giving it as a gift or simply hanging it for the world to see (in your living room), your poetry deserves to be displayed in an attractive manner. The question is in what manner should you do it? A lot of it depends on your own personal preferences. You might want to just print it on cardstock and hang it, or mat it with layers or even a frame for a more beautiful look.

If you're giving it as a gift, a card is always a good idea. Try the cardstock but handwrite it in your best script. Try using special inks and pens with varying thicknesses to achieve the look you want and don't forget a splash of color! You could also buy a simple photo frame at the store to tuck the poem into. 

Are you giving a poem as a gift this year? How are you giving it to your friend or loved one? Share your ideas in the chat below.

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