Everyday Poetry Games

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Last week when we talked about how much fun poetic puns can be, I had no idea that my teenager had more in store for me. We played Periodic Table Battleship to practice their chemistry, and lo and behold the kid had many more puns in store for me! "Where in the world is Carbon Sandiego?" they asked with a grin. "Ruthenium Bader Ginsberg is the best justice in the Periodic Supreme Court," they tried with a spin.

You get the idea, poetry games are fun! They offer amusement and novelty for everyone. Try speaking in only iambic pentameter for a day, or talking in only haikus to pass the time away! Rhyme all of your sentences like me or send your emails, gift tags and voicemails with poetry. Your brain loves novelty and creative ventures, whether you're teething or in dentures, so why not embrace the chance to take new words and songs for a dance?

Do you love to play with poetic games throughout the day? If so, tell us how in the chat without any furthe delay!

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