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Some people argue that poetry doesn't translate well to the modern world, including my teenager, whom I've got reading Shakespeare's sonnets at the moment. They've warmed to the sonnets, but we've had many a discussion about how poetry is in everything from the songs they love to the movies they watch over and over again. There's slam poetry, which I think is incredible, and there are even online poetry resources like AllPoetry and various blogs that discuss the art.

Some great posts I ran across this week regarding poetry include Austin Kleon's post about Richard Wright's haiku and this blog by Terri Windling. Both are authors/editors I love and I really enjoy reading their reviews, opinions and musings when I get the chance. But I don't really follow a lot of blogs strictly about poetry and would love some ideas.

Where do you get your poetry news and reviews? Any great blogs that you follow? Share them in the chat.

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