Give The Gift Of Poetry

How do you share poems?

Every few days, I have a note to celebrate National Poetry Month in a new way in my planner. Today's note says, "Give someone a poem." This is a fun prompt, but which poem to share, and with whom should I share it? Part of me wants to copy a favorite poem out by hand, which would look really pretty, or even just a favorite stanza (maybe "Goblin Market") and decorate it. Then again, it would be rather meaningful to write a whole new poem to share with someone, too.

Another idea I had was to set up a pop-up poetry stand and write quick, three-line poems (not necessarily Haiku) for people and let them give a donation of any amount to then donate to our 4-H club. We use our donations to help with different projects each month, from school supply drives to lunch items for kids' backpacks to our butterfly garden at the library, so that would be a really fun fundraiser to have that also celebrates poetry.

How do you gift poems? Share your favorite ideas in the chat. Here are some great spring poems if you need some ideas!

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