Healing Through Poetry

How has it helped you?

When I was 12 years old, my paternal grandmother died of cancer. It was the first death in my life that, while not unexpected, really shook me to my core, instilling a heavy sense of loss and grief. I remember writing so many poems, one of which was read at her funeral, and feeling more connected to her, as if my words could somehow reach her that way since I could no longer speak to her. I'm not the only person to report the healing power of poetry, of course; many people have discovered solace in listening to but especially writing poems.

As a new mom, I remember writing out my frustrations in poems as I adjusted to a life that was basically made up of keeping another human being alive, and when I experienced great loss later after a miscarriage and the loss of more family I returned to poem writing. Today, as I sit and grieve over another loss, I think of doing it again.

How has poetry helped you to heal from tragic events in your life? Has it helped you to find your voice or meaning or to just move forward? Tell us in the chat.

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