How Poetry Can Change The World

Joy Harjo shares her knowledge

Joy Harjo says that there's something about poetry that is unique and special in a way we may not even realize. The hate speech and violence seem to be at an all-time modern high, not only in the United States but in many countries around the world where facism seems to be on the rise. Harjo, the first Native American woman poet laureate, says that she started writing because she knew that not only she needed to be heard, but the voices of native women in general needed to be, too. 


Harjo made some interesting observations about poetry, such as the fact that it's mathematical and that you have to listen in order to write it, but she also says that it's a good tool to use in combatting all of the hate speech and violet rhetoric that is currently being fueled in our country by our own leaders. She says that audiences for poetry actually grow during times like these, since people are looking for meaning and a way to overcome.

How do you think poetry has helped in your activism, or to make the world a better place?

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