Immersive Poet Study

Create your own way to learn

Immersive studies are all the rage among homeschoolers, and for good reason: not only is it a fun way to learn, but it helps things really stick! Immersive studies call for saturating a time--usually a week or a few weeks--with the subject material. A poet immersion study is a great way to learn more about your favorite poet!

To create one, start with your goal. Is it a specific poet you want to study, or a specific form of poetry? Once you know that, you can get started on arranging all kinds of experiences around it, from spoken word performances and plays to YouTube videos, books, poems and writing exercises. This is something you can do with any topic--we love doing it with artists in my home--but it's especially helpful with poetry.

Do you study poets or poetry? What is your favorite method? Share it in the chat.

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