Laura Grace Weldon is Poet of the Year

Does your state have this award?

If you're a fan of the book Free Range Learning, you already know a bit about Laura Grace Weldon. It's one of my favorite books about learning and unschooling/homeschooling in general, and it's a great read for any parent. If you don't already follow her blog, it's another wonderful resource that we've used many times over the years for fun learning ideas, often of the whimsical and even silly variety. Do any of them and you're bound to make memories.

Weldon is also the author of a much more recent book, a collection of poems called Blackbird. For this work, she was recently honored as the Ohio Poet of the Year, and I'm quite happy for her! It sounds like a great honor even if she didn't believe it at first. She wrote a post about it that is hilarious since she first thought the honor was some sort of scam (because everything seems like one these days!). Ohio has an Ohio Poetry Day every October, which is when she'll be honored, and it got me thinking: do other states have holidays or state poets?

So chime in: does your state have awards for poets of the year or days to honor poetry? Tell us in the chat!


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