Library Cards Are Universal Keys

How do you use yours?

Any lover of poetry already knows how valuable the library card is. You can check out poems to your heart's delight, from Whitman collections to the many YA books told in verse available. In fact, my teen and I are reading Bayou Magic together right now, which is prose but so poetic you'd think it's poetry, and it's courtesy of the library.

But did you know that libraries often have poetry slams and contests as well? Ours has an annual poetry writing contest for multiple ages. Libraries also have resources like seeds, games, instruments, fitness equipment, science kits and baking pans to check out. One library near us lends ties out to people who need them for job interviews, and another has telescopes they lend out. There are so many resources at the library that you could get your entire education there for the cost of your card.

Still some libraries offer ebooks, online classes and even GED opportunities, plus lots of free classes. What does your library offer?

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