Must-Read Halloween Poems

Which made your list?

Once upon a midnight dreary, did you read poems to your dearies? There are so many great Halloween poems to choose from that it would be a terrible waste to not introduce them to the young people in your life at this time of year! From Poe to Prelutsky, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

If the children in your life are super little, you can use Halloween songs or rhymes like "Five Little Pumpkins" or "Flutter, Flutter Little Bat." For older kids, you could explore where some of the most notorious rhymes originated. For example, teach about how the plague shows up in "Ring Around the Rosie," or look up Bloody Mary and her involvement in several key nursery rhymes.

For some scarier reading, here's a great list of spooky poems. I'm a sucker for "The Highwayman," a Noyes poem that was made into a Loreena McKennit song, as well as Rosetti's gorgeous "Goblin Market."

Which Halloween poems or rhymes do you like best? Share them in the chat.


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