NaPoWriMo is in Full Swing

What have you written?

It's the third day of National Poetry Month as well as National Poetry Writing Month, or NaPoWriMo! Every year I write a poem a day to celebrate this event, and this year I have something extra special with a Wall of Poems on the wall. It's really just some blank paper taped together, but I'm encouraging everyone to write a poem when they think to do so. 

To be honest, I've been so sick I haven't much felt like writing, let alone poetry, but I have some tricks if your allergies or a spring cold are getting to you, too. For starters, you can text yourself a poem while you're steaming in the bathroom (sitting on the toilet lid with the shower running to clear all that mucus!). You can write a quick haiku on a napkin, post-it or in your plan book. This is fun because you can collect them all and make a collage if you like! It doesn't have to be a beautiful ritual complete with a London Fog latte and the most beautiful pen you have (although that sounds lovely, and when I feel better I plan to do just that!).

Have you been writing or reading poetry every day? Share some of your favorites in the chat!

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