National Black Poetry Day

Who's your favorite Black poet?

Today is National Black Poetry Day, a time to celebrate Black poets and their work. Could you name 5 Black poets aside from Maya Angelou? Honestly I'm not even sure if I could unless I think hard enough. This Black Poetry Day, why not take the time to explore a new poet's work? Here is a great list of SLAM poets and works to listen to. 

Here's a great list of quotes from Black poets you might want to ponder, or you can do some research on your own and enjoy some works by new-to-you Black authors. I know several friends who vowed to only read works by Black authors this year and I think it's a fantastic idea. You could extend this to read only Black poets for the rest of this month--and next, too!

How are you celebrating Black Poetry Day? Share your favorite poets in the chat.

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