Ode to 2019

Write your six-word memoir!

2020 is only days away, and I have a tiny but mighty challenge for you, my fellow poets: can you sum it up in six words? If you're not familiar with six-word memoirs, check them out here and see what you think before accepting this challenge! Can you sum up 2019 in just six words? I'm still pondering mine.

Next, if you really want a challenge, think of yourself a year from now at the end of 2020 and write one up based on the year you HOPE you have. It's a combo poem and letter to your future self all at once! Mail it to yourself if you like, or just email it to yourself and "snooze" it until December 2020, which is what I'll be doing!

Have you got your memoir yet? Share it in the chat once you do and have a wonderful New Year!

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