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The Internet makes it easy to be both lazy and creative, giving us access to more information and more auto-generating programs than ever. This can lead to some really fun hybrid poems for those interested in using them. From word clouds to generic generators, there are lots of ways to do this. Some of them, like this poem generator, even let you select which type of poem you'd like to create, such as a sonnet, haiku or free verse poem. You can even choose some themes, like love poems. 

At Poetry Machine, you can even come up with a wider variety of poems, including quatrains, sedoka, senryu and many other types of poems, as well as more themes, like holiday or animal poems. You can try them all out and use them as inspiration for writing your own poems, or even using portions of the poems in your own.

Do you use any online poetry generators or other poetry devices? If so, which ones and how?

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