Poems for Lizzo

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Plenty of Lizzo's fans are loving her little twerk (I say little because it was literally seconds long) at the Lakers game this week and Amanda Stein showed her appreciation in a poem on Twitter that has to be shared. In her poem, Stein points out that the nudity that we're accustomed to seeing on a daily basis is generated for the male gaze and not for women to enjoy nor women representing themselves.

She moves on to say that Lizzo's actions were for HERSELF, which is why people have such a problem with her, not because it's "immoral." A family is even trying to sue her because their five-year-old witnessed her dance. I'm guessing that no one in this family has a butt.

If you appreciate Lizzo and want to share a poem about her, post it in the chat! Be sure to check out Amanda Stein's at the link above. It's beautiful. 

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