Poet Sends Poems To Strangers

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Never underestimate the kindness of an artist. Some poets like to do random acts of kindness featuring their art, like this 32-year-old poet who sends random poems to people in the mail. Who doesn't love to get snail mail? There's also this woman, who writes poems for people based on their Twitter profiles and is utterly adorable. I've also seen poets write poems on the spot for people about them in exchange for donations for charity, which is such a beautiful idea that it gives me shivers. 

While we live in a world that chronically underpays and undervalues writers, graphic artists and other artists, that doesn't mean those who enjoy their work refuse to share it with others freely when they want to give back. Like a pro bono lawyer, a poet's gifts can be healing and thoughtful, even life-saving. I'd never ask an artist to work for free, but if you do want to share your poetry with the world in any of these ways I'm sure it would be valued by many.

Have you ever given the gift of poetry to someone else? How about a random stranger? Tell us about it in the chat!

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