Poetry Podcasts

Which ones do you listen to?

Last week, we discussed the many possibilities when it comes to poetry blogs, which ones to follow and which ones you like best. The Internet has certainly opened up new doorways from which we can share so much more poetry and ideas around the world, so I thought this week we could discuss the various poetry podcasts that are available for our listening pleasure.

Podcasts are another fantastic way we share art, ideas and opinions, and now podcasts seem to be changing the way poetry we enjoy poetry, according to NPR. Poetry is meant to be enjoyed aloud, after all, which is why I highly suggest watching Shakespeare live rather than reading it! Podcasts don't give us the visual elements, but they give us the cadence that poets meant for us to hear while we read their work aloud, the sensation of each pause, every end-stop or run-on line as the meaning is made clear. 

I tend to like to read AND hear my poetry, so listening via podcast isn't my favorite way to experience a poem unless I can follow along. That said, it does break down barriers for those who do process best this way, and it also makes it more accessible to people in general. What do you think of poetry podcasts? Do you have any favorites to share in the chat?

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