Poetry For Young People: Robert Frost

A lovely introduction

In my house, we've been reading Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost, and we've really enjoyed it. It's the perfect book for fall and going into winter if you want to study poetry, and the illustrations are lovely. Each poem has its own page or two-page spread, which I really appreciate since a lot of poetry books cram them together. That's fine for older readers but we all appreciate a bit of space and beauty, and this makes it more accessible for kids.

The one thing that I think any book of poetry for young people should include is a literary analysis of at least a few of the poems to help kids get a sense of what they mean and how to analyze them. I do appreciate that they're more for appreciation of the poetry than understanding, but understanding is also important, and the analysis could be included in the back for older readers.

Have you read this collection? If not, what is your favorite Robert Frost Collection?

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