Pondering Poe

Are you a fan?

Last week we talked a bit about Sylvia Plath, so I thought I'd bring up Poe. It feels like a good time of year to talk Poe, right? Dark and brooding, his stuff is a lot like November, and I'm such a sucker for it that I have a raven tattoo on my wrist. That said, he married his teen cousin, which is really hard to get past today. When I was young, I chalked it up as a quirk, because you hear about a lot of guys who did something like that; today I know better, and it's really hard to separate the person from the work sometimes.

What do you think of Poe's work? Against more modern poetry, it often feels convoluted, although I have to say as a teenager I loved it so much. I wonder if it's my modern attention span to blame. Reading some of it aloud with my teen was more difficult than I thought it would be--and my teen reads Shakespeare. So maybe it was just me fangirling all those years ago.

What about you? Are you a fan, and if so, how do you feel about separating the work from the artist? Share your thoughts in the chat.


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