Reading At Bedtime: A Healthy Habit

Do you read poetry at bedtime?

By now you already know that it's not great to read your phone or other device at bedtime. It's much healthier to shut down your devices at least half an hour or longer before you go to bed to get your brain ready for sleep and promote a good night's rest. But if you do choose to read before bed without a screen, such as a book of poetry, did you know that you'll likely have a better night's sleep?

According to those surveyed, not only do people who read at bedtime have a better night's sleep, but they also have a more positive outlook on life. Bedtime readers also tend to make more money, interestingly enough, which is a great reason to read a few pages before you catch your winks. And it's not even as if you have to read a whole book: the results were across the board for those who read just a couple of pages, too.

Do you read at bedtime? If so, what is your nightly reading routine like? Share it in the chat.

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