Remembering Toni Morrison

Author and poet passes away at 88

Nobel Prize-winning author and poet Toni Morrison passed away at age 88, leaving many fans with fond memories of her incredible, mind-changing works from over the years. I remember reading The Bluest Eye and just weeping, and re-reading it as an adult and feeling the same way, yet even moreso. The author and poet had a way with words like none other, but she also helped to pave the way for many other Black women to not only tell their stories but to finally be heard. 

President Obama honored Morrison with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I hope that she felt honored and respected not just by that but by the millions of lives she touched with her storytelling. I also hope that her words live on and are used in classrooms across the country for many more years to come. Most of all I hope people learn from her words because if there's anything that this country needs to cure right now, it's its deep racism.

Enjoy some of Morrison's poems here and share your memories in the chat.

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