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Poetry for the snarky anti-poet

My daughter's total lack of interest in poetry is something that I tended to blame myself for. I think I must've just not introduced it well to her. I've been thinking about it more often, though, and I think she likes a lot more poetry than she realizes. 

There are a handful of poems she enjoys, but she also loves music, which is the cousin of poetry. She jams to her headphones and performs in musicals, celebrating her love of songs and lyrics which are very much like poetry. She also really likes memes, many of which rhyme or appear to be poetic. At 13, I thought she might suddenly start to enjoy more poetry because that's what a lot of teenagers do, but it's still all songs and memes. While I used to feel a bit bummed about this, now I think it's just her personal preference.

Do the young people in your life enjoy poetry? If they don't, is there something in their lives like poetry that they might enjoy that you didn't think about before?

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