The Slowdown of Poetry

Do you think it works?

Poet laureat Tracy K. Smith has a new podcast out called The Slowdown, which is due in November. The podcast is meant to be a very brief reading of poetry-only a few minutes long each day!-- intended to help us not only enjoy a poetry reading but to slow down, take a breath and just be still in the mad constant busy-ness which is life.

I can't even begin to say how much I love the idea of this podcast, but I'm also a little wary. In recent years, my mind tends to wander when I listen to poetry readings (unless it's SLAM poetry and it's very good) and it's harder to be still and silent and really contemplate anything. I know how sad that sounds; it makes me so sad to think about it. But my mind is always on, like the minds of many people I know, and it's something I'd love to slow down as this podcast suggests.

Will you be listening to the Slowdown? Do you think poetry can help ease our minds into slow stillness?

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