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Recently I joined a Facebook group dedicated to nothing but puns, both poetic and not, and it's been nothing short of a delight! It's an open group so you should probably be able to read most of the posts without joining, but be ready to laugh because some of them are hilarious. THIS is the group the world needs right now! 

If you love poetry, you'll find some giggle-inducing poems on these pages. There are also great puns about fairytales, fandoms and everything in-between. Some of them are on the inappropriate side that you might not share with a boss, but many are so groan-worthy and wholesome that you can read them to anyone in your circle. Some of them are even useful in the classroom!

This reminds me of various poems that I know that are full of puns, riddles and other unexpected hidden treasures (Plath's "Metapors" comes to mind!). What other great punny treasures are there on the web? Share your links in the chat!

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