Timeless Tales Submissions

Fairy tales plus poems equal pure fun

Do you read Timeless Tales magazine? If you do, you already know that the fantasy publication is accepting submissions for several poetry contests this year. As excited as I am about the prospect, I wasn't able to send a submission in for the first submission period of the year, but I'm hopeful about entering the next one.

To submit your poem, you should really read Timeless Tales to understand the type of works they accept. You should also make sure that your submission truly fits with the current theme; the next one is "Pandora's Box." The last one, Puss in Boots, was really fun; I started writing a poem about Aslan (and the problem of Susan, which always got to me the way Neil Gaiman, I believe, said it got to him) but never finished it. I can't wait to see the winners' poems.

Do you know of any other fun "rapid fire" poetry contests going on right now? What fantasy poetry are you reading right now? Share them in the chat!

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