Using Poems To Fight Hatred, Racism and White Supremacy

Because words have power

When it comes to hate speech, nobody can top the politicians and talking heads currently spreading the violence, inciting people to chant "Send her back" at rallies regarding Ilhan Omar and even carrying out domestic terrorism under the very ideas they spread. Their words have power, and companies like Twitter and cable networks need to stop giving them this power and the ability to reach the masses with their hate speech.

Positive words also have power, as Omar demonstrated when she responded not with hate, but with the beloved Maya Angelou poem, "Still I Rise." Americans have since submitted many of their favorite famous inspirational poems to support Omar and the other women attacked so viciously and hatefully by the Republican party and you can read them here.

Ask advertisers to not support the racist messages of Tucker Carlson here.

Ask Twitter to suspend Trump's account here.

Post your own actions in the comments.

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