We'll Miss You, Mary Oliver

Pulitzer Prize winner dies at age 83

How many of us have enjoyed, even been buoyed by, Mary Oliver's eloquence? She is the very reason many people turn to poetry--for the thirst it slakes, for the part of our broken selves it balms or even heals. Oliver's words may even describe what the meaning of life is to many people. 

So many people, in fact, turned out to honor the poet after her passing at home at age 83, including Hilary Clinton, and I certainly don't have the words to give her justice myself, but I think we could all take a moment and hold her in our thoughts. Share her work with someone you love, or someone young in your life. Take care to remember and remind yourself what she taught about love and life and never forget it.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Tell us here in the chat, and share how you'll remember Mary Oliver, too.

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