When Poetry Clicks

Do you have an aha moment?

As a poetry lover, it pained me that my teen has never loved poetry for years. We have tried poetry teatime, which my kiddo really just enjoyed for the treats we made, and we've tried associating it with music, which my kid loves. Nope. Poetry is NOT fun, apparently. This year, however, it has started to click.

I began by sharing some Maya Angelou (what 13-year-old couldn't love that?) and a few other favorites, but then the kid was assigneed some Shakespeare to read for class and boy. Howdy. I don't know why sonnets are connecting the dots but they're making it happen, and No Fear Shakespeare is to blame! This kid read through it before the first class, even, and loves to find out what the phrasing means. They even wrote a poem! Like everything else when it comes to parenting, if I'd just been patient, it would have happened. Funny how that same lesson keeps reappearing.

What kind of aha! moments have you had when it comes to poetry? Did you just always like it, like I did? Share your experiences in the chat.

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