When Poetry Fails

Sometimes it just doesn't work

As a poetry lover, I've recently become enamored with Jacqueline Woodson and want to devour everything she's ever written and going to write. I'm up to my ears in poetry and I love it. Sometimes poetry just doesn't work out the way you hope it will, though, and recently I had an experience like that. 

My daughter and I were eager to check out a science book that we'd been eyeing and I almost bought it, but after looking through the "Look Inside" Amazon option we quickly discovered it wasn't what it seemed. It was full of fluffy poetry, which was nice but not the substance we had hoped to find in the book. If we did want to read a poetry book with science at its heart, this one looks like a much better fit for us, but that's really not what we were after in the first place. 

Have you ever encountered a poem or book of poetry that just felt like a misfire to you? What kind of poetry makes you feel that way?

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