Why is English so hard to learn?

It's like producing produce...

If you have a hard time remembering how to spell words, you're in good company. Plenty of English speakers confuse there, their and they're, not to mention to, two and too. But what about homonyms? Once you give the same word multiple meanings things really get tricky. This post on Facebook depicts some hilarious examples, such as, "The bandage was wound around the wound," and "I had to subject the subject to a series of tests." It's really no wonder why it can be a complicted language for ESL students to learn!

The next time you're writing a poem, see how many of these homonyms you can fit in it as a word bank exercise (which are a super fun way to stretch your poetic muscles). See if your sow can't learn to sow or if there's a row among the rowing oarsmen!

What other fun tidbits do you love about the English language? 

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