April 2011

Five Poets You Should Be Following on Twitter

It’s the digital era, and even poets are broadcasting their work on Twitter. Rather than simplify the medium, technology provides fertile ground for new and exciting work. Some poets are taking advantage of the seemingly stifling 140 word tweet limit to write tiny poems. Others just use Twitter like the rest of us—to share sweet links and witticisms. Either way, the Twitter poet community is thriving. If you’re a poetically minded Tweeter, here are some feeds you should add right now.


Poets.org (@POETSorg)

The Twitter of the Academy of American Poets, this feed actually alternates between several contributors. All are fantastic poets who have plenty to say about their practice. Their tweets are thought-provoking and often hilarious. 

Where Poetry and Punk Rock Collide: The Listener Project

Talk music duo challenge the boundary between music and poetry

Dan Smith calls what he does "talk music". As the creative force behind Listener, a simultaneous rock outfit and poetry project, he treads new ground with regard to genre and media. His songs consist of lyrics in irregular lines barked over rough, grungy guitars and drums. Listener's latest release, Wooden Heart, presents a unique duality to their art that seems to place them squarely in the worlds of both spoken word poetry and punk rock music.