August 2017

Poetry Teatime

Whether you're a homeschooler using the Brave Writer program or a family who just wants more poetry and fun time in your life, adopting a weekly poetry teatime is a fantastic way to share poetry and enjoy family time. You can memorize and share poems together, write poetry and bake something delicious to serve with your tea. This can be a weekly ritual that you hold on any day of the week!

Teach Your Kids to Read Poetry

Yesterday I listened to about 30 middle and high school level girls recite poems they selected for a class. Most of them seemed excited about reading their poems, but all of them read their poetry as if it were choppy and sing-song and without rhyme or meter. I wanted to step in and ask the teacher if I could just share a few tips with the kids. Reading poetry is so much more enjoyable when you read it the way it's meant to be read.