September 2017

Poetic Fundraising Activity

"Use poetry as a fundraiser?" Yes! It can not only be done, but it can also be SO much fun.

It doesn't have to be complicated, either. Just get some paper and pens for each poet, some tables and chairs to write at and make some signs. "Free poems! Please donate to our cause." People will approach and ask you for a poem and you can write something for them while encouraging them to make a donation. You can also ask for a minimum donation or suggested donation.

Writers are Smarter

Have you ever heard about how writers are smarter than non-writers in general? Scientists believe this is due to several reasons.  Writers are known for their emotional intelligence and ability to empathize as well as self-regulate. Some research indicates that writers learn more easily than non-writers, and writers process things better since they, well, write it all out.

When the Muse is Silent

If you're a poet or any type of writer, you know what it feels like when the words won't come. It happens to just about everyone at some point; you seem to just run out of words, whether it's for an hour or a month. Sometimes the simple answer is a bit of self-care and rest; many writers know the feeling of not caring for themselves too well. But if it just feels as if the well has dried up, what do you do when block knocks on your door?