November 2017

Poetry Teatime Gifts

Poetry teatime lovers, there are so many great holiday gift ideas for you and your kind! Here are just a few great ideas for the person who loves to enjoy tea and poetry with you this year.

Single serve tea pots! These tea for one pots sold at the English tea store are so affordable and cute. You could get one for each person who enjoys tea! The same shop is a great place to get tea time treats, teas and other great tea favors.

Mahvash Sabet Survived Through Poetry

 Mahvash Sabet is well-known for her poetry from the walls of her prison, where she was imprisoned for a decade for simply living her religion. She was interrogated and tortured just for being Baha'i. Sabet says that the one thing that really kept her alive during those ten years was the ability to write.

Sabet would sneak her writing on napkins for her visiting loved ones to take out into the world and share. She has been since named the 2017 International Writer of Courage.

Poetry Gifts

Shopping for a poetry lover this holiday season? There are plenty of cool gifts to give someone who loves poetry, from notebooks and writing instruments to books of poetry by their favorite poets, but an old favorite is magnetic poetry. Magnetic poetry is a fun way to create new poems anytime on the fridge, a filing cabinet or any magnetic surface.