April 2018


It's the middle of National Poetry Writing Month! How is your writing faring? Are you writing a poem every day? Which new styles of poetry have you tried? Share your most challenging pieces, prompts and results in the chat!

It's not too late to get involved, either. Just start writing today! You can also read a poem each day if you prefer that to writing. If so, share your favorite poems in the chat.

30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is well underway and we've been writing little poems every day. The Academy of American Poets has a wonderful list of ways to celebrate National Poetry Month available if you're looking for fun ways to participate in the event! Did you know that they have a free poster they'll send you if you request it by the middle of the month? Don't wait any longer than that, though, or else you will miss out!

Daily Ways to Celebrate Poetry Month

If celebrating National Poetry Month ever turns into simply writing a poem a day (or even just reading one) and it seems a little dull to you, there are so many other cool ways to celebrate. From writing to a poet to carrying a poem in your pocket, Brave Writer has a bunch of great ideas. Homeschool Life Mag suggests different ways to write poetry, like creating a blackout poem.